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Welcome to Cardona Toys!

We are manufacturers, designers and suppliers of a vast array of plush toys and stuffed animals.
We are a leading production company for innovative stuffed toy packaging. Our product lines of plush toy bags are ahead of the competition in virtually every aspect: pricing, variety, quality, original content, design customization, and production flexibility.

We carry our own designs or produce according to our clients’ specifications. Our products are manufactured in China and adhere to rigorous quality control and safety rules.

For manufacturers, distributors and retailers of chocolates, cosmetics and other gift items, innovative merchandisers Cardona Toys offers exciting ways to package your goods into a soft toy. Our packaging production is fully tailored to accommodate individual customer needs. The company provides a new powerful way to increase sales, visibility and profitability of package contents or accompanying items.

In regards to plush toys production, the company stays committed to provide superb quality at a low cost to customers. We maintain high manufacturing quality standards, utilize highly acclaimed new materials, attractive designs and efficient Western-style management.

Starting in 2010 we are happy to announce the introduction of new materials for our soft toys. As a result, we produce the absolutely softest hypoallergenic and washable plush teddy bears. Our realistic animals became even more natural to the touch. The materials are 100% safe for kids and ecologically-friendly.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to being part of your business success story.


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Manufacturing and Int'l Trade
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Cardona Toys production facilities are located in Jiangsu province of China, in close proximity to Shanghai hub. We have been manufacturing and distributing toys since 1994.
We firmly adhere to the strict quality controls and highest safety standards.

In addition to core toy packaging and plush toy production, we may be able to help in other import-export areas.
In course of doing business in China, we have amassed contacts, connections, partnerships throughout the country. Regardless of your geography, we can help you in realization of your business vision as suppliers and direct trading partners. Our unique knowledge of Chinese marketplace, business practices, and ethics makes us highly qualified to find the best sources for your merchandise at the best price. Contact Hong Kong office to discuss your trading needs.

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Plush is our expression medium. We have a vast array of existing designs or create toy packaging, toy bags or traditional toys based on our customer's artistic rendering or concept. Once we have the drawings, our turnaround time for creating a sample of a new toy is 4-5 weeks. We offer very competitive rates, and when the client decides to manufacture this product with us, the service becomes free. This ability to design and produce custom toy packaging and toys for a wide spectrum of clients is a very exciting aspect of our business.
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Cardona International Corp. believes in and promotes strong intellectual property rights. We have in-house patent agent services and can assist you in registering patents (US or international), copyrights and industrial design rights.
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Supply & Wholesale
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The demand for our products, packaging in particular, is ubiquitous. Cardona Toys and its partner companies have been reliable suppliers to a variety of customers, from manufacturers of confectionery to arcade operators. We offer unbeatable prices on containerized orders to toy and packaging distributors, importers, and wholesalers worldwide. We have experience, capacity and means to supply retail chains with both toy packaging and toys. We supply our toys and toy bags to organizers of corporate promotions and gift programs, and over the years we worked with many other buyers and merchandisers.

Cardona Toys executive team looks forward to capture emerging opportunities, as we never underestimate the creative thinking of our clients.

If you have any questions or requests, please inquire via email, contact form or give us a call.


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plush hippo toy

Plush Hippo set
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"You've been a reliable partner for our corporate gift program"
- A recent thank you note from Gazprom executive management

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