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We have been manufacturing and distributing toys since 1994. Since then we have consistently provided high quality plush toys, innovative designs, excellent pricing. Following the success of our operations in Europe, we are expanding into the North American markets. Cardona Toys is a consumer goods division of Cardona International Corp. (CIC), incorporated in New York. Our production facilities are located in Jiangsu province of China, in close proximity to Shanghai hub. To support global trade operations, we have offices in Hong Kong and Moscow, Russia.

In-house and custom design. Cardona Toys offers a vast array of existing designs or creates toys based on our clients' concept or actual artistic rendering. This ability to design and produce custom toys for a wide spectrum of clients is one of the most fascinating aspects of our business.

We offer a vast array of toys, stuffed animals, and innovative soft toy packaging.

When it comes to packaging, our solutions are original, innovative and we have all the reasons to be excited about them. Following a very successful launch of plush toy packaging in Europe, where we double our client base and order volume every year, we are expanding our business to North America.

Cardona Toys collection is always evolving. This year we offer new series of jungle animals. For more traditional toys, like teddy bears, we have introduced amazing new materials. Our teddy bears are incredibly soft to the touch, probably the softest ever.

Toy safety. Cardona Toys is in full compliance with all safety testing and certification requirements, US and EU. We support efforts of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to protect consumers, especially children. In the USA we also wish to see tighter regulatory measures, similar to those adopted in the European Union's Directive 2009/48/EC.

International Trade. CIC has a global presence, we ship the products worldwide, primarily from Shanghai hub. We welcome an opportunity to support global toy and toy packaging market.
Our Hong Kong office of Jin Long Industrial & Trading Co. can assist you in sourcing a variety of merchandise from China.

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