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For the Confectioners:

Toys have long been associated with candies and chocolates.

Following a very successful launch of plush toy packaging in Eastern Europe, where even amidst a recession environment our client base and order volume doubles every year, we are expanding our packaging business to North America and worldwide.

Our clients are the companies who actively enhance and expand their product lines, and launch innovative merchandising programs.

chocolate packaging bagA distinctive packaging always attracts customer attention. This is particularly important in today's market conditions. An effective and attractive plush toy packaging impresses with its creativity and flies off the shelf. Better still, after the contents are consumed, the toy remains and keeps promoting the brand or the retail operation.The eye-catching element is important. Consumers are pressed for time and love new and different packaging structure. Our products capture this trend and also uphold and strengthen the brand standards, as we tailor design to the brand image (upscale, budget, gourmet, traditional, ethnic, regional, etc.).

Packaging in a plush toy is very graphical, an image speaks to the consumer, and this captures another recent trend in confectionery, when packaging improvements convey quality. See-through opening in a plush toy packaging showcases the actual product offering. This helps the contents pass the split-second purchasing decision process.


santa clause candy bagThe third trend that we address is that consumers are becoming more and more seasonal, and Cardona Toys offers complete and extensive lines of packaging for holidays and for winter, spring, autumn and summer.This allows our customers to additionally capitalize on every seasonal opportunity.

Plush toy packaging may reflect very efficiently the cultural, ethnic, regional or local characteristics of the target consumer market.

In addition, packaging confectionery into our plush toy bags opens numerous creative advertising and marketing possibilities that never existed before.

A very exciting aspect of our business is the ability to design and produce custom products for a wide spectrum of clients. We have the flexibility to tailor the design of a packaging product to the unique needs of our customers.The manufacturing is highly customizable, which includes the designs themselves, logos, package sizes. We also offer a vast array of our own existing and proven packaging designs. Please refer to our Design page.

Bulk wholesale DDP (delivered into the US, duty paid) prices for our packaging typically range from $0.60 to $4.50 depending on size, complexity and a choice of materials.

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2010-11 Cardona Toys main packaging offers can now be viewed on the website. These models are available for immediate production ordering and can be further customized, if required.
In addition, these product lines illustrate the packaging concept itself and demonstrate the most typical capabilities.
We continuously strive to produce packaging that introduces new design and technological concepts.
We welcome offers to create private labels and other custom design features.
We build prototypes that are based entirely on client specifications.

If you have a licensed character, we can produce it as a toy bag.

Over the years we produced hundreds of different toy packaging products. If you don't find the plush toy bag that you are looking for, please let us know. Chances are we have made it in the past or at the very least have the basic design readily available.


For gift programs, promotions, Perfume & Cosmetics Manufacturers & Suppliers, and any organization that requires creative packaging:

We have experience producing innovative packaging solutions for a variety of industries. The package compartment can be tailored to hold a great variety of items. Plush is a very attractive medium to create a gift package. We are the experts in it, and we love working on such collaborative efforts. Please contact our New York office, we will help your vision to materialize.


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