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Cardona Toys offers highly customized packaging and plush toy design. This is an additional option that is available to a customer, and we treat it as a very exciting feature of our business. For packaging in particular, this part of production process becomes critically important.
We offer a few design examples below.

The design fee schedule is the following:

One design - $450.
Two designs - $800 ($400 each)
Three or more designs - $375 for each design

Please keep in mind that the service becomes free, if we produce the toy for you. We will deduct the design fees from the order total when the order is placed.

You can have something very specific created for your brand, retail operation, business, corporate event, gift program, promotion, etc. We have plenty of templates to suggest to you or we can work with your own artist.

Once we know what kind of business you do, your product specifics, who your targeted customers are, we may be able to suggest our own recommendations to maximize the impact of the packaging. We have accumulated extensive experience with the soft toy packaging medium, and if necessary, we'll be glad to share specific recommendations.

There are several common considerations:

- Instead of completely generic design, it may be beneficial to consider placing a corporate logo, a brand or business name, a slogan; these can be embroidered, printed, applied in paint, etc.

- Universal values exist, and some toy packaging designs are accepted equally well worldwide. On the other hand, it may be very beneficial to consider national, regional or local specifics, the geographical area of the intended market. There is almost always an additional potential for maximizing the effectiveness of the presented product when these area-specific characteristics are taken into the account, when packaging itself evokes traditions, artistic impressions and even history and awakens cultural memories in the intended audience. There may be folklore themes, certain animals may be more popular than others, there are items of traditional clothing, there may be local color and symbol preferences, and so on.

- The design may also reflect something characteristic for the profession, occupation or for some specific environment.
Consider the cases of giving gifts to the soldiers, firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses, political supporters.
Additional examples would be selling candy in hospital, national park or on the seashore.

We offer a very creative medium. This type of innovative collaboration and production flexibility is what sets us apart. We recognize the fact that every customer has unique needs and may have unique requirements.

If you have a licensed product, we can build you a nice packaging product as well, based on your licensed character.

Plush has certain limitations. It is very hard to achieve in plush a hyperrealistic look for a human figure. With introduction of new materials and technology, realistic animals became easier to implement. Yet traditional plush look is closer to a cartoon, the characters are more stylized and simplified. Please consult with us when you have a comic book or other realistic-style toy project in mind. We would use our expertise to determine if your character can be done as a stuffed toy.

Another very typical customization, particularly important to candy and chocolate packaging, is the size of the toy and the size of packaging compartment. Everybody has a different product, so if the packaging is product-specific, then it is important that the desired quantity fits perfectly inside the toy candy bag. You give us the specs, an exact measure of your product, and we build accordingly.

During the design process we may be able to work on bringing the packaging to accommodate your target price level. It is usually possible to change the materials or overall design to lower the price or to create a premium packaging. The toy face is a good example: it can be very simple or can be very complex. Typically, a labor-intensive complexity is a feature of a premium, desirable product. This type of package will be kept after the contents are consumed. The impact of a higher quality customized packaging could be significant and may be worth a fractional increase in the final price. Then there are cases when an attractive, but inexpensive or disposable packaging is required. The design will be simplified and the toy bag will be built with as few components as possible.
The choice of materials affects the price as well. For example, there are new premium materials that that are simply incredible to the touch, durable, hypoallergenic, washable, etc., but they cost more, as compared to traditional inexpensive plush.


Our custom design is a straightforward process. At minimum, you can tell us what you want in most general terms, then we come up with suggestions for you to choose from. On the other hand, we can work completely under your direction. Then there is a collaborative approach in the middle.

Please allow us 2-3 weeks to fully develop a new prototype. This is very fast, compared to toy industry's average turnaround. In extreme cases, we can rush the process, but in our experience, the best design results are achieved without additional time pressure.

Here we'd like to share with you a few recent requirements and the resulting samples.
The artwork was done in-house. As an added challenge, a brief customer interview was our only starting point.


Case 1. Design task: plush tiger, chocolate candy packaging. The initial input consists of two artistic sketches.

   Here are the resulting versions.                        


Case 2. Another tiger candy packaging. This time it's one drawing, view from the top.
A sample result is on the right photo. Notice, that in order to fit into customer's budget, our designer used the same material for the toy's face and changed the whiskers.


Case 3. Traditional and inexpensive toy. In this case the customer asked for original-looking plush rabbits. We start with two drawings, one for each toy, 3/4 view, in-house artwork.

The result:     

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