PostHeaderIcon Introducing Our Plush Toys

Cardona Toys approach to plush toys is straightforward - we like great designs that work for us and work for the customer. We consistently strive to offer only the very desirable, safe products to our customers at the most attractive prices. Our customers also benefit from technological innovation, direct supply methods, low overhead expenses and our pioneer perspective of westerners who have been running a successful toy business in China since 1994.

Cardona Toys currently offers the following broad categories of plush toys:

a) Natural, more realistic or life-like plush animals.
The short pile material has been recently developed and the toys from this material are highly acclaimed worldwide. By applying skilled management, experienced and creative design techniques, innovations in the modern toy technology, such as advanced computing, typesetting and weaving, we recreate vivid, multicolored animal world and present its more natural, life-like look in a plush medium.
We chose this natural look for our jungle animals and tropical collections.
The company keeps expanding the use of this high quality material into a variety of other animal designs: dogs, horses, giraffes, hippos, deer, etc. Many more toys are in the works and under future consideration..

b) Traditional plush toys.
Our super soft bear (Supersoft!) collection is particularly noteworthy. We guarantee that these are the softest bears that you touched, ever!
We also treat our main collection of traditional plush toys delicately. There is always a fine line of combining innovation with time-tested and traditional formats.

c) Novelty plush.
Plush toy bags are our specialty. This is a crossover product from plush toy packaging formats.
Tiger carpets is a unique item, very worthy of note. We list it in novelty plush category.

d) Budget plush toys.
Cardona Toys can provide inexpensive, highly attractive toys to support a variety of customer needs. Product promotions, arcade toy cranes or adding toy stocks to budget stores: these are just a few examples from different markets.

We recognize the fact that a unique requirement requires a unique solution. We have amassed thousands of toys that were designed and produced over the years to back our highly-tailored offers. We can add our design capabilities to assist you in creating your product from a scratch. We ask you to contact us directly to discuss your particular situation.

Product image galleries are located under "Plush Toys" tab. You can also visit E-catalogs page to view or download product catalogs.