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Stuffed Plush: Birds, Fish, Star Fish, Octopus, Squid, Lobster, Crab, Frog, Turtle, Spider
Novelty Plush: Plush Fish Bags, Plush Keychains with Crabs, Lobsters, Frogs, Turtles

We are very pleased to introduce new extensive line of first-rate quality plush tropical animals. Made of short pile material, highly acclaimed worldwide, these stuffed animals bring exciting multicolored vivid tropical toy world into existence. The best news is that these superb plush toys are VERY affordable, as compared to competition.

You will find an online catalog of this collection under E-catalogs tab. You have to contact us directly to obtain pricing. Please indicate intended volume and provide relevant business details when sending requests for quotes.

Tropical bird 26 cm Parrots
Tropical bird 26 cm Toucan
Tropical bird 26 cm TB26-PRA
Tropical bird 26 cm TB26-PRB
Tropical bird 26 cm TB26-PRC
Tropical bird 26 cm TB26-PRD
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-1A
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-1B
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-1C
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-1D
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-1E
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-2A
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-2B
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-2C
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-3A
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-3B
Plush Fish Bag TFB35-3C
Plush Octopus Bag TFB35-4A
Plush Tropical fish TF3A 35 cm
Plush Tropical fish TF2A 40 cm
Plush Tropical fish TF4A 35 cm
Plush Tropical fish TF5A 45 cm
Plush Tropical fish multicolored TF6Y blue
Plush Tropical fish multicolored TF6Y purple
Plush Tropical fish multicolored TF6Y red green
Plush Tropical fish multicolored TF6Y yellow orange
Plush Tropical fish TF7A 38 cm
Plush Tropical fish TF8A 35 cm
Plush Tropical fish TF9A 41 cm
Plush Tropical Star Fish Multicolored
Plush Octopus TOS1 Orange
Plush Octopus TOS2A Orange-Red
Plush Octopus TOS2B Brown
Plush Octopus TOS3C Green
Plush Octopus TOS3C Orange
Plush Octopus TOS3C Blue Green
Plush Squid
Plush Brown Crab
Plush Olive Green Crab
Plush Olive Crab
Plush Red Crab
Plush Blue Lobster
Plush Green Lobster
Plush Red Lobster
Plush Frogs TFGA1 Blue and Green
Plush Frogs TFGA1 Red and Olive
Plush Frog TFGA2 Green
Plush Frog TFGA3 Green
Plush Frog TFGA4 Green
Plush Frog TFGA5 Blue
Plush Frog TFGA5 Green
Plush Frog TFGA5 Purple
Plush Frog TFGA5 Red
Plush Frog TFGA7 Blue
Plush Frog TFGA7 Green
Plush Frog TFGA7 Pink
Plush Frog TFGA7 Red Orange
Plush Frog TFGA8 Blue
Plush Frog TFGA8 Green
Plush Frog TFGA8 Red
Plush Frog TFGA8 Yellow
Plush Frog TFGA9 Blue
Plush Frog TFGA9 Green
Plush Frog TFGA9 Olive
Plush Frog TFGA9 Red
Plush Turtles TTR1 Orange and Brown
Plush Turtles TTR1 Green and Olive
Plush Turtle TTR2 Green
Plush Turtle TTR2 Orange
Plush Turtle TTR2 Light Green
Plush Turtles TTR3 Orange and Green
Plush Turtle TTR4 Brown
Plush Spiders TSP01 Brown and Red-Brown
Plush Spiders TSP02 Purple and Brown
Plush Keyrings Frog
Plush Keyrings Crab
Plush Keyrings Puffer Fish
Plush Keyrings Lobster
Plush Keyrings Turtle


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